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Welcome to our Pricing Page at Aspyr Investigations. We believe in transparency and fairness, where every client is treated equally and pays the same, ensuring you receive the honest and straightforward pricing you deserve. Explore our pricing structure below to discover how we bring clarity to your investigative needs.
A private investigator carrying out surveillance. Using a DSLR style camera to obtain imagery of his subjects.


Advanced Surveillance:

Ideal for large-scale and sensitive operations

Requires 3+ Surveillance operatives

£60 per hour per operative (minimum 6 hours per deployment)*

Intermediate Surveillance:

Recommended for most day-to-day surveillance tasks

Requires 2 Surveillance operatives

£120 per hour (minimum 6 hours per deployment)*

Essential Surveillance:

Static observations


Discreet enquiries

Involves 1 Surveillance operative only

£60 per hour (minimum 6 hours)*

*Additional operational costs may apply depending on the investigation's requirements, such as restaurant meals, parking, venue admission, etc. All fees will be discussed and clearly outlined in consultation and included in the invoice.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking: £350 per week. Includes Technical Support and Data Analysis If Required.

Person Tracing

Person Tracing: £350 (No find, no fee) - Results typically within 48 hours, however some investigations may take longer.

Lie Detector Tests

Lie Detector Tests: £650 - Per Person, Per Test.

Additional Fees

  • Report Writing: £60 per hour
  • Face-to-Face Consultation: £25ph + Travel Costs (40p per mile)
  • Mileage (During Operations): 40p per mile, per operative.

For all addition cost enquires please contact our team.

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