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Surveillance Services

A private investigator carrying out surveillance. Using a DSLR style camera to obtain imagery of his subjects.

Covert Surveillance

Enhance your investigations with our discreet covert surveillance services. Our skilled team employs advanced techniques to gather crucial information, ensuring you receive the comprehensive insights needed for your case. Trust us to navigate discreetly and deliver results.

Static Observations

Discreetly monitor a specific location without actively following a subject. This method is ideal for observing routine activities, comings and goings and providing valuable insights into a person's habits or behaviours. 

Drone Deployment

Not all investigations are completed on the ground, sometimes we have to take to the skies to get the evidence we need. Having qualified drone pilots on hand allows us to see things from a perspective that you just can't get elsewhere.

Unmanned Surveillance

Optimise resources by utilising our unmanned surveillance services, freeing up manpower for strategic deployment. Cost-effective and available 24/7, these devices enable seamless, extended observations in areas inaccessible to operatives, ensuring efficient and comprehensive surveillance.

Undercover Operations

Our undercover operations specialise in employee investigations and test purchasing. Expertly blending into diverse environments, our skilled agents discreetly uncover crucial insights, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of workplace dynamics and product/service quality. Trust us for incisive undercover solutions.

Relationship & Private Investigations

Cheating Partner & Matrimonial

Our professional investigators assist by covertly observing your partner, providing photographic evidence of their actions, behaviours and interactions accompanied by high quality video footage and detailed reports. Our communications with you remain discreet with a professional approach at all times.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Unlocking immense value in various scenarios, our GPS vehicle tracking service is indispensable. Boasting discretion and reliability, our trackers can be deployed seamlessly, offering comprehensive and easily retrievable tracking solutions for both domestic and business purposes throughout the UK.

Find A Missing Person

Explore our person tracing service designed to help clients locate individuals or groups, whether it's reconnecting with family members, finding old friends, or tracking down debtors. Trust us to navigate the path to reunions and resolutions.


Cohabiting refers to individuals living together in the same residence, typically as a couple or a family. Our static observations involve discreetly monitoring these living arrangements, providing valuable insights into daily activities, routines, and interactions. Through meticulous static surveillance, we uncover nuanced details to assist in comprehensive investigations.

Lie Detector Test

Lie detector tests, or polygraph examinations, are employed in relationship investigations to gauge truthfulness and uncover potential deception. Our skilled examiners utilise this tool to assess the veracity of statements, helping clients gain clarity in matters of trust and fidelity. Rely on our expertise for relationship investigations using lie detector tests.

Bug Sweeps

Bug sweeps, also known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), are integral to our investigative services. Through meticulous examination, we ensure the detection and removal of unauthorised listening devices or surveillance equipment. We aim to safeguard your privacy and provide peace of mind in personal and professional relationships.

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