Introduction: While it may seem counterintuitive for a private investigation company to divulge information on how to spot surveillance, it is essential for individuals to be aware of potential surveillance, even for their own safety. At Aspyr Investigations, we’ve encountered numerous cases where clients discovered they were under surveillance or experiencing harassment. Understanding these signs can empower individuals, a practice known as counter-surveillance.

In this article, we will outline some basic indicators to look for if you suspect you are being surveilled by a private investigator.

Signs of Surveillance:

1. Vehicles: Private investigators often employ inconspicuous vehicles for their operations, but some distinguishing elements can give them away. Pay attention to the following:

  • Rear windows tinted and fitted with wind deflectors.
  • Unusual positioning, such as forcing their way into specific spots or sitting at awkward angles.
  • Presence in loading bays or designated parking spaces.

These observations can raise suspicion when a private investigator has limited options to maintain visual contact with their target.

2. Cameras: Private investigators are adept at concealing cameras and camera hides. Be vigilant for any unusual objects or signs of concealed cameras inside vehicles or near your home, particularly around your garden, front door, and immediate surroundings. Check for any new cameras or junction boxes on lampposts nearby.

3. Foot Follow: If you suspect you are being followed on foot, there are several tactics you can employ to confirm your suspicions:

  • Periodically glance over your shoulder to observe anyone behind you.
  • Cross the road to create opportunities for natural left-and-right observations.
  • Be aware of individuals consistently on the phone or appearing to talk to themselves, potentially communicating with a partner.

Private investigators often work in teams, so be alert to signs of coordinated surveillance efforts.

4. Vehicle/Mobile Follow: When traveling, it’s crucial to remain vigilant of your surroundings, especially for signs of tailing vehicles. To detect potential surveillance:

  • Look for a particular vehicle consistently behind you or within a few vehicles.
  • Execute a series of turns (left-left-left) to see if the same vehicles continue to follow.
  • Vary your speed and lane changes and note if these actions are mirrored.
  • Pull into a lay-by or briefly stop to observe the suspected vehicle’s behavior.
  • Use false turn signals to see if they are replicated by the tailing vehicle.
  • Employ roundabouts to go around multiple times, monitoring the actions of vehicles behind you.

5. Drones: With advancements in technology, private investigators increasingly use drones for surveillance. Drones offer the ability to cover vast areas quickly and discreetly. Signs of drone surveillance may include a hovering drone in the vicinity, particularly if you notice it frequently. It’s possible that the surveillance operator is located several miles away.

Conclusion: Understanding the signs of surveillance empowers individuals to protect their privacy and security. If you suspect you are being watched, stalked, harassed, or placed under surveillance, it’s essential to take action. Contact us today to learn more about how hiring a private investigator can help you gain clarity and take appropriate steps.

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