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In the world of private investigation, no two days are alike, and the curious case of a supposedly injured employee was one for the books. It all began when an employee suffered a genuine accident at work, resulting in authentic injuries to their foot and shoulder. There was no disputing this, however the aftermath was dramatic to say the least. The employee claimed that the injuries were so severe that he could not work ever again. They insisted they couldn’t walk or stand for extended periods, and even the thought of driving brought discomfort.

The employer, our client, plagued by doubts and the financial strain of compensation claims, reached out to us at Aspyr Investigations. Our task? To shine light on the truth through careful and tactful surveillance.

Over several days, our team of seasoned private investigators kept a discreet eye on the employee, now the subject of our scrutiny. As suspected, what we uncovered was a tale of deceit that would rival any drama.

Contrary to their claims, the subject was far from incapacitated. Our observations revealed a person full of vigour and agility. We watched in disbelief as the employee, who supposedly couldn’t stand or walk, was seen climbing ladders with ease, walking on a rooftop and carrying heavy materials. But that was just the beginning.

This individual was displaying a high level of physical prowess that contradicted their claims. The audacity didn’t even stop there. In what can only be described as a bold move, the subject embarked on a 300-mile drive to the coast. Far from showing any signs of discomfort, they seemed to relish the journey. Stopping along the way for a Starbucks coffee and a Greggs pasty. Happy as Larry.

But the pièce de résistance of our surveillance came when we observed the subject sawing through pipework and manoeuvring trailers full of scaffolding materials, engaging in tasks that demanded not just standing but sustained physical effort.

The evidence we gathered painted a clear picture, hard for the subject to dispute. With our comprehensive report in hand, the employer was equipped to challenge the false claims and seek justice.

A job well done.

This case underscores the essential role of private investigators in unveiling the truth behind dubious claims. At Aspyr Investigations, we’re committed to ensuring that the facts come to light.

If you are an employer and find yourself in a battle of compensation with an employee, Aspyr Investigations could be the saving grace you are looking for.

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