Introduction: If you think being a great private investigator involves donning a long mac, sunglasses, and peculiar hats, think again. There’s much more to this profession than lurking in the shadows, although a bit of lurking is part of the job description. In this blog, we’ll outline some of the essential qualities that make a private investigator exceptional. If you find yourself checking these boxes, you might just have what it takes.

Equipment: While it’s not all about spy gadgets and hidden cameras in suit pockets, it’s not far from reality either. A good private investigator is equipped with essential tools, including:

  • Camcorder (preferably with excellent low-light capabilities)
  • Covert Camera (numerous options available on the market)
  • Surveillance Vehicle
  • Chargers & Spare Batteries
  • Grab Bag – A mobile kit containing essential items for on-foot operations (trains, buses, taxis, planes, etc.)

Patience: As fascinating as the life of a private investigator can be, there are moments when patience becomes your greatest asset. Playing the waiting game isn’t always enjoyable, but mastering it often leads to rewarding outcomes. You might find yourself hidden in your car for hours, wondering if anything will ever happen. Then, just when you’re about to call it quits, your subject appears, and you catch them in the act – that’s the jackpot moment.

Decision Making: A pivotal skill for a private investigator is the ability to make decisions, often under pressure, and commit to those choices. While hindsight may reveal that some decisions were less than perfect, owning your choices – both their successes and failures – is paramount. When you’re on the ground, you can only do what you believe is best at the time.

Teamwork: For most surveillance tasks, private investigators operate in teams, ranging from 2 to 6 operatives per subject. Effective teamwork on and off the job is crucial. Clear and concise communication, information sharing, and a common operational language are vital for task success. Much like the military or the police, private investigators develop their unique communication style for simplicity and efficiency during operations.

Professionalism: Private investigators deal with a wide range of clients and requests, from basic to extraordinarily complex. Every case demands the same level of professionalism, importance, and etiquette. Adherence to GDPR and DPA regulations is a must, as is conducting all activities within the bounds of the law. It’s also acceptable to decline a client’s request if it’s unachievable or unlawful while maintaining your integrity.

Reliability: In this field, there’s nothing worse than an unreliable investigator. Trust, reliability, and honesty are the cornerstones of a successful operative. Failing to exhibit these fundamental attributes can hinder your reputation and networking within the industry.

Persistence: Success isn’t always immediate, and victories don’t always align with your timeline. To become an exceptional investigator, you must be willing to learn, adapt, and continuously improve throughout your career. Honest debriefs and feedback from experienced investigators can be invaluable for your growth.

Attention to Detail: During extended periods of surveillance, it’s easy to fall into auto-pilot. However, maintaining a keen eye for detail can set you apart as a great investigator. Will you be the one to notice a subtle change in behaviour or appearance? Your ability to spot nuances can make the difference between an average and outstanding performance.

Report Writing: Clients expect accurate and factual reports that present vital information in a neat, tidy, and understandable format. These reports may eventually be used as evidence in legal proceedings, so precision and clarity are paramount.

This brief overview offers insights into what makes a good private investigator. It also highlights why this profession is a specialised, niche market. If you find yourself ticking all these boxes, you may have what it takes to become the next Sherlock Holmes.

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